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The Real Agility™ Assessment is the first step in conquering your deepest financial and human challenges: lack of cultural agility. The assessment uncovers the gaps between what leaders think and what staff think to return your organization to innovative market leadership. Using the assessment, Berteig gives you the data which shows you exactly what human hurdles are holding back your business.

The report generated reveals the soul of your current culture, grounded in real, actionable data to improve on the problem areas unique to your organization.

Improvement Culture

How well do your people take the initiative to improve?

Urgency Culture

Do your people care about delivering results now and not later?

Teamwork Culture

Do your people share a strong mutual commitment?

Focus Culture

Can your people focus on their work without task switching or interruptions?

Vision Culture

Are the people in your company united around a common vision?

Real Agility Assessment Details

The Real Agility™ Assessment is a quick way to get started on transforming your business.  The assessment is done with an online survey for your executives, managers and staff.

  • Time: The online survey takes 10 to 15 minutes per person
  • For: Your entire organization or specific departments
  • How: We send carefully-crafted email to participants to do an online survey
  • Results: A final report with scores, ranking and recommendations

On our side, we generally require a few days’ notice to set up the survey for your organization and usually you will give your employees and managers 3 to 5 days to access the survey.  After the closing date, we compile the results and schedule a 90 minute debriefing to go over your results and our recommendations.

Full Assessment Track Details

The Assessment Track includes an initial assessment and then support for ongoing monitoring of your transformation results.

Initial Agility Assessment

A full initial agility assessment usually requires ten to forty days of consulting time, depending on the size of your organization.  This time is used for interviews and workshops (all virtual) and evaluation and analysis of data.  Each assessment agenda is unique and is crafted based on the results of the Real Agility Assessment survey along with initial stakeholder discussions.

The outcome of the initial assessment is a comprehensive playbook that provides:

  1. In-depth analysis of assessment results on current state
  2. Strategic advice on taking your transformation to the next level, including expected business results
  3. Specific lines of action you can embark upon internally without outside coaching or consulting support
  4. Customized versions of the Real Agility™ Program tracks with full facilitators’ manuals designed for your internal coaches to execute (additional license fees apply)
  5. Recommendations for coaching and training support from BERTEIG to accelerate your transformation

Contact us using the form lower on this page if you are interested in a full Real Agility Program Assessment.

Real Agility Assessment Results

Every assessment starts with an online survey.  We often also do in-person interviews and workshops to create a more comprehensive agility assessment.  Each assessment is a bit different and is customized to your organization to seek out the critical factors hindering organizational agility and supporting it.

The Real Agility Assessment and the overall assessment track are part of the Real Agility Program, our systematic agile coaching solution for transforming your business.

Sample Report

Investing employees’ time in yet another survey should only be done if it will really provide value!  Here you can find a sample Real Agility Assessment report for download at no charge to examine yourself what kind of information you will be receiving.

[ Sample Real Agility Assessment Report ]

“I wish that Berteig had come to this group years ago… I don’t want to retire anymore!”

Chris, former Supervisor at Suncor

Case Studies

The following companies highlight how we have used the Real Agility Assessment Track to measure organizational or team results.

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