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BERTEIG Loyalty Program

The Corporate Loyalty Program encourages our clients to develop a culture of continuous learning. The more people you train, the more money you save!

Benefits of the BERTEIG Corporate Loyalty Program:

  • Generous discounts for both public and private training
  • Corporate dashboard showing your employees’ progress
  • Training investment protection plan
  • Private Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions with BERTEIG consultants
  • A curated library of key management, leadership and Agile resources
  • Discounts on consulting, assessment and coaching services



Access to a
Curated Library
of resources for managers



Curated Library
Quarterly 1-hr Q&A Session with an Expert BERTEIG Consultant



Curated Library
Monthly 1-hr Q&A Session with an Expert BERTEIG Consultant
1 complimentary BERTEIG Culture Assessment
25% Discount
for 1 person to join our Real Agility Management Training



Curated Library
Monthly 1-hr Q&A Session with Mishkin Berteig
2 complimentary Culture Assessments
50% Discount for 1 person to join our Real Agility Management Training
Unlimited access to your corporate training Dashboard

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    How the Corporate Loyalty Program Works

    Your organization achieves benefits based on:

    • how many different people your organization sends to our training programs (public sessions or private sessions),
    • how many total training days those people participate in, and
    • the total amount of money your organization spends on BERTEIG training.

    Qualification Requirements

    Your organization must achieve the following in a single calendar year to qualify for each level of the program.

    1. Starter: 3 different people attend a total of at least 6 training days and spend a minimum of C$4,000 on BERTEIG training
    2. Momentum: 10 different people attend a total of at least 20 training days and spend a minimum of C$10,000 on BERTEIG training
    3. Accelerate: 20 different people attend a total of at least 40 training days and spend a minimum of C$19,000 on BERTEIG training
    4. Enterprise: 40 different people attend a total of at least 80 training days and spend a minimum of C$35,000 on BERTEIG training

    When your organization reaches a new level, the benefits of the new level apply starting on the next business day until the end of the following calendar year.

    At the end of each calendar year, if your organization has not reached the qualification requirements for the level your organization currently holds, then the level will be reduced based on the actual achieved number of people, training days and spend.

    Training Discounts

    Every level your organization progresses through, unlocks new levels of discounts as follows:

    • Starter: 15%
    • Momentum: 20%
    • Accelerate: 25%
    • Enterprise: 30%

    These discounts are applied automatically whenever you sign up for public training using an email address with a domain that we have associated with your account. If your organization has more than one email domain, please let us know so that we can add it to your account.

    If you arrange for a private session of one of our existing training programs, your quoted price will show the appropriate discount.

    Corporate Dashboard NEW!

    We are rolling out a corporate dashboard with reporting and management features for our Enterprise-level corporate loyalty program members. As the development proceeds, other members will gain access to select features of the dashboard.

    Current dashboard features include:

    • Summary of your company’s progress on renewing its level in the program
    • Complete list of all participants who have attended BERTEIG training, going back to 2012, and what training sessions they have attended
    • Quick-link access to program benefits
    • List of associated email domains and names of individuals with “management” access to the dashboard

    Training Investment Protection Plan NEW!

    When you send an employee to training with BERTEIG, you are investing valuable time and money. What happens if that employee leaves your organization? We have you covered!

    You can send that employee’s replacement to attend the very same training at no cost with the following conditions:

    • valid only for training types which are available through our public open-enrolment calendar (e.g. Scrum Master, Kanban, etc.)
    • the employee being replaced can be independently verified to no longer work in your organization (e.g. change of employer on LinkedIn)
    • the replacement for the employee must be in substantially the same position as the one who left (e.g. same role such as Scrum Master)
    • there are two deadlines: 1. Sign-up must occur within six months after the original training dates, 2. Attendance must occur within one year
    • if the training has an external certification fee associated with it, that fee is not included and must be paid separately by your organization

    Private Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) Sessions

    AMA sessions are scheduled at your convenience with one of our consultants. Each session is a full one hour and is run using a simplified “lean coffee” approach. You are welcome to invite as many people as you would like from your organization to attend the session. Your corporate loyalty program membership level gives you:

    • Starter: one AMA session per quarter at a 50% discount
    • Enterprise: one AMA session per calendar month with Mishkin Berteig, CEO
    • Accelerate: one AMA session per calendar month with a senior BERTEIG consultant
    • Momentum: one AMA session per quarter with a senior BERTEIG consultant

    Sessions which are missed, for any reason, cannot be rolled over into the next time period (quarter or month).

    Curated Library of Management Resources

    There is so much information out there; conflicting, poorly-written and just plain time-consuming. It’s extremely hard to keep up and make sure that you are learning the best ideas and practices from the best sources to get the best results. That’s why we have created a members-only curated library of management resources that is available on our e-learning platform.

    This benefit includes free access to exclusive resources including:

    • Video recordings of webinars that have never been shared publicly
    • Pre-release versions of e-books published or being written by BERTEIG
    • E-learning courses on management topics (coming soon)

    We also include other free and paid resources that are curated to be the best and most important for managers and leaders:

    • Dozens of professionally-produced book summaries in video, audio and/or text format (coming soon)
    • Organized links to recommended books and videos

    Accessing this curated library is done through your usual login to https://training.berteig.com/ – if you already have access you will see it in your dashboard, otherwise, let us know and we will set you up.

    Accessing Benefits

    You can always contact info@berteig.com or call +1-800-215-2314 if you have any questions about how to access your loyalty benefits.

    Many benefits are also directly accessible on the BERTEIG web sites:

    • berteig.com – access discounted public training, arrange private training, coaching or assessments
    • training.berteig.com – access the curated materials and the content of training courses you have attended
    • dashboard.berteig.com – restricted access to data about your organization’s participation in the corporate loyalty program


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