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Culture Assessment

Start with a benchmark.
Learn where you need to go.


  • Identify key areas of misalignment between leadership and staff
  • Identify biggest sources of stress in your team
  • Identify specific areas that are holding your team back from maximum Agility (efficiency/productivity)
  • Identify weak spots in your culture and know exactly what needs to be strengthened
The BERTEIG Culture Assessment has been used to assess Agility in organizations for over 15 years.

The BERTEIG Culture Assessment can be used once a quarter to measure progress over time.

  • Get your Culture Score and compare to other organizations
  • Get relevant and curated resources based on your unique results
  • Get customized training to strengthen weak spots identified by your assessment
  • Get data to justify budget spending on Agile transformation

Most executives and leaders know that the culture of their organization is the primary determinant of business agility but many don’t know how to improve their culture.

The BERTEIG Culture Assessment makes improving your organizational culture much easier by identifying and measuring the five most important aspects of culture that we see causing transformation failure and regression.

  1. Teamwork Culture: Do your team members have a strong commitment to each other?
  2. Focus Culture: Can your team members focus on their work without switching tasks?
  3. Urgency Culture: Do your team members care about delivering results now?
  4. Vision Culture: Are your team members united around a common vision?
  5. Improvement Culture: Do your team members take the initiative to improve?

Here’s How it Works

You decide who will participate in the survey, with our guidance.

We administer the survey, collect anonymous results, and run the analysis.

We create the report, the video summary and review it with you and your stakeholders.

You adjust your transformation efforts to improve outcomes and reduce stress.


  • Single Use Base Price: $5,000
    Includes: report document, video walkthrough and 60 minute live virtual review/Q&A session for you and your stakeholders.
  • Add-ons and Adjustments:
    Report individual department or team results: $1000/department. Add customized questions and analysis: ask for pricing and details.
  • Enterprise Plans are Available
    Includes secure dashboard to track results over time, integration with enterprise data sources, white-labeling and more.

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    What Sets Us Apart?

    • Fully automated and objective results
    • Statistical and analytical scoring and insights
    • Less expensive
    • Easier to scale – no training needed
    • One recent client said “I can’t trust the results from (competitor) because they are so subjective. I love that RAASA is objective and impartial.

    BERTEIG stands behind our Assessment 100%. We guarantee your satisfaction. If it doesn’t both confirm what you already know AND provide you with important new insight, it’s free.

    Who Participates in the Survey?

    • Ideally, everyone in your organization and even outside stakeholders such as owners, clients and vendors.
    • Participants must include executive leadership, middle management and all team members.
    • The greater of 40% of your organization or 30 people is the absolute minimum number of participants to produce useful results.
    • Can be administered for a department or unit within a larger organization.


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    You are welcome to try the survey using TEST-ORG as the organization code and TEST-PUBLIC as the tracking code. Any responses to the test survey WILL NOT be used in your RAASA report. Feel free to share this link with anyone who might need to approve your use of RAASA.






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