Agile Coaches Don't Take Over

December 6, 2019
2 minute read

As an Agile coach, you want individuals to take responsibility for themselves. You want them to take ownership of the challenges within their organization.

When we BERTEIG coaches and consultants go into an organization, we don’t want teams and individuals and leaders to become dependent on us.

In that vain, we try to as far as we can step back and help individuals think for themselves. We want them to decide for themselves what to do and then coach them outside of what they’re actually doing and to help them reflect on that.

This improves their capability to now help improve the system as it changes and needs to evolve.

As an Agile coach, the idea is that we are as hands-off as much as possible. We stay in the background as much as possible. We let them discover for themselves the challenges and the ways of improving the system.

As Agile coaches, it’s important for us to try to work with individuals who are showing leadership rather than trying to take over. We’re not trying to take over the work of managers. We’re trying to empower individuals and managers and leaders. We’re trying to support the people who are trying to help improve the system, and who have a stake in that system, and not do the work for them.

That allows individuals to feel more confident that they can take charge. They can use the training that they’ve received from us and apply it immediately.

It also makes us as consultants and coaches much less scary, and much more effective.

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