July 22, 2019
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Growing up in Brazil, BERTEIG consultant David Vicentin loved building out of Lego. He also enjoyed taking apart and reassembling everything—especially electronics—to see how they worked. And, he loved fixing things.

That naturally led him to study engineering and eventually, David earned a masters degree in economics and finance. His passion for tinkering, fixing and problem solving evolved into a career as a business consultant.

“It was a natural process for me,” David says. “One of the challenges and requests of the organizations I worked with was for better process around product quality and efficiency. I discovered I had the ability to support that. Opportunities came up, and I did what I knew best to help people achieve high performance.”

He turned to Agile philosophies as a means to solve those problems.

“Agile techniques have been developed to speed up product development and satisfy business needs,” he says. “I’ve been using these techniques for more then 10 years which has been helping me to make my customers really happy.”

In his 15 years as a consultant, David Vicentin has found ways to apply those methodologies to a variety of industries, and he counts some big-name companies among his clients. He’s worked with HSBC, Scotiabank, Coca-Cola, Rolls-Royce, Volkswagen, Ford, and the list goes on.

He’s particularly proud of his work with Coca-Cola, when the beverage giant decided to redesign its manufacturing process from big production batches to small production batches. 

“We put a fantastic group together to identify the best available practices in the industry, combine all of the elements and come up with a very innovative solution,” David says. “When it was done, it achieved high levels of safety, quality and efficiency with almost zero waste. It received the recognition of the most innovative project worldwide in 2005.”

David says he loves working with different people from different backgrounds and his work is ever-evolving with new possibilities and solutions.

When he’s off the clock, he enjoys running, reading, traveling, especially with friends.

And he’s found ways to apply his data-driven consulting principles to his own life by tracking all sorts of personal data on his diet, exercise habits, finance and others, always looking for statistical correlations between those seemingly disconnected variables.

For David Vicentin, the engineering gears are always turning and his contributions to the BERTEIG Team cannot be overstated.


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