Details about Doubling Your Team’s Productivity
in Ten Business Days

You need your teams to meet deadlines, produce high-quality work, and satisfy customers and stakeholders. The only certain way of achieving those is by dramatically increasing your team’s productivity.

We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction…
if you aren’t satisfied you don’t pay for the program!

Here Are Some Additional Details…

Proprietary Program

Based on over fifteen years of experience creating high-performance teams with our Real Agility™ Program, we have distilled the key lessons:

  • you and your team learn and apply five productivity-boosting practices
  • you and your most senior team members learn the tools and knowledge to measure productivity and sustain the improvements

The next step in doubling your team’s productivity is to have a half hour meeting with our VP of Sales, Mark Kalyta. He will be reaching out to you immediately.

The Retainer You Pay

After the initial meeting, you will decide if you wish to proceed. We will need your decision within one business day. If you are not able to make the decision that quickly, it is a key indicator that your organization is not ready for the ten-day program, and you will be advised to consider a different program with us.

Our normal, non-accelerated program for teams is $96,000 and is delivered through coaching and consulting over a period of three to six months. This program also guarantees results, but takes longer to get there.

Ten days of our premium classroom training to “learn” the same things would cost your team over $60,000 with discounts applied… and you and your team would still need to apply the training to get results, which aren’t guaranteed.

All of that training and all of that coaching is distilled and concentrated into a super-intense ten business days of real-world application designed to get immediate results.

This program is not just training, and it guarantees results for a smaller financial investment, and more importantly, a much smaller time investment.

The total fee for the program is $39,955, an incredible value for concrete, specific, measurable results.

Once you have made the decision to proceed, you will pay our retainer fee of $9,995 which is non-refundable. The price of the program is due NET 30 after the successful completion of the program. Your retainer fee is separate. You will receive a final invoice for the program of $39,955 (+ taxes, if applicable).

If for any reason, you feel that your team’s improvement does not live up to the terms in our contract (for example, your team’s performance is improved less than 2-fold), then the balance will be waived.

More Details About the Process

Once you have paid the retainer fee, we confirm your reserved time-block and schedule a one-hour meeting with yourself, any key team members you wish to attend, our CEO, Mishkin Berteig, and the lead coach for the program for the dates you have selected. This initial meeting must occur at least two weeks prior to the start of your program.

In this first meeting, our goal is to make sure that you can prepare in advance to maximize results. Although slim, there is a chance that we may refuse your business at this time. If that is the case, we will refund you the retainer fee. (This is the only way the retainer fee will be refunded.)

Two weeks prior to the start of the program, we send you the pre-program assessment survey and data requests. This assessment will be used to establish baseline key performance indicators. This baseline data will be used to measure improvement during the program. At a high level, the assessment measures the following: cultural obstacles to performance, process efficiency, throughput, quality and return on labour effort.

Also two weeks prior to the scheduled start of the program, we send you and your team pre-work training material. This material will ensure every member of your team has a clear picture of what to expect, and gives us a clear picture of exactly how we will help you. Completing this material prior to the start of the program is non-optional. The total time for each participant to do the pre-work is between two and four hours.

During the week prior to the program, our lead coach will have a 15 minute one-on-one introductory video conference meeting with each of your team members. If a team member isn’t available for this during business hours, then the one-on-one meeting can be scheduled outside business hours at an additional charge of $500. We strongly recommend that you make use of an administrative assistant to make sure that these meetings are scheduled well in advance. If a participant misses their scheduled meeting, they may attempt a new time slot at an additional charge of $500. If any participant fails to have their one-on-one meeting prior to the start of the program, then you have the option to remove that participant from the program entirely.

If the pre-work is not complete or a participant does not do the one-on-one meeting, you may opt to re-schedule the program to a later date by paying a new reservation fee of $7995. This option can be used as many times as needed.

The program starts promptly on time, runs for ten consecutive business days, and ends with a brief celebration of completion. Participants will be awarded certificates of completion and some additional certificates may also be granted for special accomplishments. You will receive a final report of the key performance metrics for the team and our assessment of the productivity increase. Even at this time, if for any reason you feel that your team’s improvement does not live up to your expectations, then the balance owing will be waived. However, you will be asked to make the decision at that time and either sign off on your satisfaction or sign off on your dissatisfaction.

Part of our work will be to ensure that you have the knowledge and practical techniques to maintain the performance improvements of your team. However, we do not guarantee that those improvements will be maintained. That will be your responsibility. You must participate in the program along with your team.

Please read the following terms and conditions.

  1. The entire program is live, virtual, and requires the full-time, video-on participation of every member of your team including yourself.
  2. Your team size must be between eight (8) and sixteen (16) people including all full-time employees and yourself as their sponsor.
  3. The program requires you and your team to be with our coaches seven hours per day, and runs through ten consecutive business days. Our coaches will be doing additional work outside those core hours to prepare for each day of the program.
  4. If any participants miss more than four hours of program for any reason, you may remove that person from the program or the program will be terminated early.
  5. If more than ten hours of program is missed by any combination of team members for any reason, the program will be terminated early.
  6. Mid-day breaks are a minimum of one hour and a maximum of two hours. Break duration and start time are consistent for the entire program.
  7. The daily start time is consistent through the program, is agreed upon prior to the start of the program, and must be within ninety minutes of 9:00am Eastern Time. This is to allow adjustment for teams that may not be in the same time zone as the program coaches.
  8. The program has one lead coach (named first in the listing for this program), and a secondary coach (named second). The lead coach is guaranteed throughout the program. The secondary coach may be changed from time-to-time throughout the program depending on the needs of your team.
  9. If you are dissatisfied with the program at any time, for any reason, you may cancel it. Your retainer fee will not be refunded, but you will not be billed for the program.
  10. We will put in our absolute best effort to help your team, and we expect you and your team to likewise put in your best effort.