Double Your Team’s Productivity
in Ten Business Days

You need your teams to meet deadlines, produce high-quality work, and satisfy customers and stakeholders. The only certain way of achieving those is by dramatically increasing your team’s productivity.

Imagine that your team can get six months of work done in just three months! And that work is better quality, higher-value than ever before.

Our consultant, Pedram Malek, just did this with a team at a major telecom. After two weeks, the team delivered more work than in the past six months combined.

That’s a savings of over $500,000*.

    We will try to contact you by phone immediately upon receiving your information. If that does not work, we will then send an email to schedule a time to talk.

    Our founder, Mishkin Berteig, has been helping teams to do this for over fifteen years.

    This 10-day intensive program, doubles your team’s productivity with methods proven to work in any industry.

    Mishkin Berteig

    “We were able to do the Term Re-Price project again in just 37% of the time compared to our baseline. And defects don’t leave our development teams… we have zero defects in production.” – Cam Crosbie, Chief Information Officer

    The program includes training, workshops, coaching and consulting conducted by two expert coaches. You and your team will go through a transformative process and by the end of two weeks you will know with certainty that your team has doubled (or more) its productivity.

    Don’t wait until your team is in trouble!

    1. We measure your team’s current productivity (efficiency, quality, flow, value delivered).
    2. We work with you and your team for ten days in a high-intensity program.
    3. We measure your team’s new level of productivity.

    Save $300,000 to $600,000 per year*

    We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction… if you aren’t satisfied you don’t pay!

    How do we do this?

    Our expert coaches are able to apply the highest-value, easiest-to-implement techniques from:

    • Agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban,
    • transformative leadership practices for you and key team members,
    • efficiency and quality improvements from Lean thinking,
    • communication and collaboration skills from team-building,
    • technical practices to simplify and accelerate problem-solving and development, and
    • organizational change principles to get your whole team aligned and deeply committed to the work.

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    Your Investment

    You need to know, up front, that this is going to be worth it. You can imagine a consulting company might charge $200,000 to place a coach long-term with a team… and many companies do that. It might even work.

    Our normal, non-accelerated program for teams is $96,000 and is delivered through coaching and consulting over a period of three to six months. This program also guarantees results, but takes longer to get there.

    Ten days of our premium classroom training to “learn” the same things would cost your team over $60,000 with discounts applied… and you and your team would still need to apply the training to get results, which aren’t guaranteed.

    All of that training and all of that coaching is distilled and concentrated into a super-intense ten business days of real-world application designed to get immediate results.

    This program is not just training, and it guarantees results for a smaller financial investment, and more importantly, a much smaller time investment.

    Our “Double Your Team’s Productivity in Ten Business Days” program is only $49,950 — and that’s only if we succeed in doubling your team’s productivity.

    Your ROI will be an easy 10:1 on our program!

    Doubling productivity is the minimum we expect your team to improve.

    To make it even easier, we only ask for a small up-front retainer. No big commitment to get started. And no matter what happens, we provide you and your team with incredible training, workshops, coaching and consulting.

    Only our senior coaches deliver this program and their time is extremely limited. We only work with a few select teams per quarter. Contact us now to get your program scheduled.

      We will try to contact you by phone immediately upon receiving your information. If that does not work, we will then send an email to schedule a time to talk.

      * Results are based on actual staff labour costs of teams we have worked with. This is typical for knowledge-work teams (such as marketing, software development, enterprise sales, or other project teams) with a mix of junior to senior staff and a size of 8 to 12 people in total. Teams in some industries may have much lower or much higher yearly labour costs.

      The “Double Your Team’s Productivity in Ten Business Days” program is a proprietary system designed and delivered by BERTEIG (Berteig Consulting Inc.) with offices at 96 Carnegie Lane, London, ON, N6C5X2. You can reach us at 1-800-215-2314 or All prices are in Canadian dollars and exclude taxes. Our main site is at where you can find a complete list of all our products and services as well as numerous articles about teamwork, leadership, agility, technical practices, lean thinking, organizational change and other topics related to improving work environments to be more productive, higher quality, and happier.