Transforming Leadership

December 13, 2019
2 minute read

Part of a successful Agile transformation is transforming the leadership of an organization.

Leaders are used to thinking a certain way. They’re used to asking “how do we get people to do a better job?”

This is a very natural tendency for leaders when they’re trying to solve problems in their organization.

But it’s about the system.

When BERTEIG consultants and coaches go into an organization, we are focusing on the system as a whole. We’re not concerned about the utilization of individuals. We are concerned about putting value into the hands of the customers.

We’re there to help an organization change the system so that the system is capable of doing that gradually. We’re going to evolve systematically so that at the end of the day, we have something better for our customers.

A consultant can’t just swoop in and make that happen. Leadership has to take the lead. Leadership has to take ownership of it. They have to take responsibility for it and really get to the point where they can say “we’re going to do something about this.”

And then the consultant or the coach is really there to say, what would you like to try next? This is transforming leadership, thinking about the whole rather than the sum-of-the-parts.

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