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Learn about OpenAgile with the OpenAgile Primer:

Download the OpenAgile Primer in PDF form.

Download the English version of the OpenAgile Overview training presentation in PDF form.

Download the Chinese version of the OpenAgile Overview training presentation in PDF form.

OpenAgile was formerly managed by the now disbanded non-profit OpenAgile Centre for Learning. Berteig Consulting Inc. is hosting the OpenAgile materials and will be gradually re-building the, sites and re-establishing the open-source repository with the OpenAgile materials.

GitHub Repository of OpenAgile Materials

This repository is based on the last version of the repository. Regrettably the history of the previous repository is lost. This new repository will be the new official place for finding all OpenAgile materials including:

  • editable versions of documents such as the OpenAgile Primer
  • archives of individuals who have participated in the OpenAgile capacity-building program
  • static versions of the and web sites
  • where appropriate, internal records from the OpenAgile Centre for Learning

Github repository of OpenAgile materials.

Other Resources

There is a Google Group called OpenAgile Champions which was very active for a while. It’s for anyone who is interested in supporting OpenAgile. If you request to join the group, it will likely be approved but there might be a bit of a delay.

The old version of the web site can be found on the wayback machine.

Updates and News

20210720: The data for the people who formerly went through the capacity-building program exists in our archives. We are starting to get those records processed and people will be listed with their certified level of capacity. At the same time, BERTEIG is going to start offering the OpenAgile training to re-start the capacity-building process. This will be rolled out over the next two months, with hopefully everything put into place to run a first live virtual course in October 2021. Let me, Mishkin Berteig, know if you would be interested in participating in helping with this process.

20210520: There are three interesting developments:

  1. There is a possibility of establishing some education based on OpenAgile for farmers in India!
  2. Investigations are underway to see about the status of the OpenAgile Centre for Learning. If possible, it will be revived.
  3. Some basic outreach is occurring to find interested individuals to participate in reviving and evolving OpenAgile.

20210502: There are no plans at this time to re-establish the OpenAgile Centre for Learning due to a lack of individuals willing to put in the time to be members of the board of directors. However, if at least three committed individuals can be found, BERTEIG will investigate contacting the former board and investing in legal actions to resurrect the non-profit. If you are interested in volunteering as a part-time board member, please contact Mishkin Berteig (on LinkedIn or at 1-800-215-2314).