Citi CMOT Real Agility™ Transformation


Proposal Presentation Deck (pdf):BERTEIG RFP Response BERTEIG 20210722

Proposal Vendor Evaluation Excel Spreadsheet (xls): BERTEIG Vendor Evaluation Agile Transformation RFP – Citi Capital Markets OpsTech 2021-07-07

Proposal Summary

Citi CMOT desires support in their Agile Transformation. BERTEIG can provide that support by customizing the Real Agility™ Program to the Citi CMOT needs as follows:

  • Initial consulting and benchmark assessment with milestone-based progress assessment
  • The Delivery Track coaching support for three pilot program teams
  • The Management Track support to create a sustainable transformation and to implement scaling methods
  • The Leadership Track support to transform the organizational culture

BERTEIG clients typically see a 10-to-1 return on investment for our services within one year.

The details of this proposal are found in the documents above.

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Proposal Timeline

Once the contracts are signed, BERTEIG will be able to begin the pilot phase on very short notice. The phases are as follows:


Benchmark Assessment and Team Selection – 4 weeks

Team Launch and Coaching – 12 to 15 weeks depending on team availability

TRANSFORMATION PHASE: — out of scope for this proposal —

  • additional teams in the Delivery Track program
  • managers in the Management Track program
  • senior leaders in the Leadership Track program



Benchmark Assessment and Team Selection: CA$50,000 (Real Agility™ Assessment Track)

Team Launch and Coaching: CA$120,000 x 3 (Real Agility™ Delivery Track)

TOTAL: CA$410,000 + expenses and applicable taxes

Questions and Answers

This space is reserved for Citi CMOT questions regarding our proposal and will be updated with answers as they are provided.

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