Congratulations on getting started with RAASA!

You have made a fantastic choice and we want you to start getting value from your decision as quickly as possible. Please read and follow these steps for the most efficient and valuable results.

STEP 1: Decide now who will participate in the RAASA survey.

You need at least 30 completed survey responses. The bigger the number of participants, the better the results of the analysis. Try to include:

  • executives, members of the board of directors, owners (if privately held),
  • all senior- and middle-managers across the organization,
  • full-time and part-time employees, and
  • any contractors who work closely with you.

Contact us if you would like further guidance on who you should invite to participate.

STEP 2: RAASA Administration.

You send manage inviting participants:

  • send an email invitation with a link to the online survey,
  • send a reminder one or two business days later.

BERTEIG provides you with a sample invitation in a separate email that is already in your inbox with subject line “Invitation to Participate in Survey about Our Culture”.

NOTE: if you would like premium service we can automate the email and reminders for you – please contact for this support.

BERTEIG monitors the response rate and if there are a significant number of “stragglers” who are not completing the survey in a timely manner, we will inform you of the issue.

Four business days after your first completed survey is submitted to our system, we generate the results, and do the analysis.

STEP 3: Create and deliver the RAASA report.

BERTEIG builds the report with custom care and attention to ensure your results are presented in a meaningful way with tailored advice. We create a summary video, send it to you, and schedule a review with you and your stakeholders.

STEP 4: Implement Improvements.

Adjust your organizational change efforts to align with your cultural strengths and address your cultural weaknesses.

The report tells you where you are culturally and gives you the next steps to improve. Follow the steps to reduce your stress, improve delivery of business results, and create a beautiful work environment for your staff!