The following individuals have successfully participated in the Real Agility™ programs as follows:

Real Agility™ Management Track

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Elite Practitioner II (“Master” – Most Senior Achievement)

The following individuals are (or were) authorized to deliver training and coaching for the entire Real Agility™ program in all tracks. ┬áThese individuals have contributed in substantial, concrete ways to the creation or evolution of the Real Agility™ program tracks. ┬áThese individuals must renew their knowledge and experience requirements every four years to maintain their authorization to deliver these materials.

Mishkin Berteig

Travis Birch (lapsed)

Jerry Doucett

Paul Heidema (lapsed)

James Steele (lapsed)

David Vicentin

Elite Practitioner I (“Expert” or “Senior”)

Maali Albalt

Eric de Paolis

Maruan Haidar

Ahsan Yar Khan

Shelly Lopes

Leticia Mendez

Massimo Raimondi

Salika Sirimanne

Natalie Sham

Yasrab Sharif

Aleksandar Stavreski

Craig Stoyles

Lori Wardell

Practitioner II (“Practitioner” or “Journeyman”)

Lisa Deoraj

Lindsay Fox

German Gonzalez-Amado

Omar Hurtado

Justin Jones-Ward

Strive Mazunga

Saquib Rashid

Claudia Rico

Rajesh Saini

Taylor Sweetman

Practitioner I (“Apprentice” or “Beginner”)

Keisha Bagares

Rebeca Batres

Jennifer Lau

Tania Mann

Shradhdha Parsana

Steve Seeriram

Real Agility™ Leadership Track

Cam Crosbie

Frank Leong

Darrin Zandee

The current stewards and lead authors of the Real Agility™ Program are:

Mishkin Berteig and David Vicentin

Additional significant contributions to the program come from:

Paul Heidema, James Steele, David Sabine, Nica Pourfallah, Michael Hamman, Jerry Doucett, Strive Mazunga, Travis Birch

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