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In these exclusive webinars, BERTEIG experts share strategies to achieve Real Agility in any complex work environment.

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Agility and Social Distancing

In this informal talk from his home office, CEO Mishkin Berteig explores how to stay Agile in the current work-from-home reality most companies find themselves in.

Mishkin shares some tips and tools BERTEIG itself has used to rapidly move to a virtual collaborative office.

Introduction to Scrum

In this 12-part series, Mishkin Berteig teaches you the fundamentals of the Scrum Framework.

Watch the first 10 parts here.

Scrum to the Left of Me, Kanban to the Right…

There seems to be some confusion (not to mention strong opinions!) about when to use Scrum vs. when to use Kanban. At times, purists on either side have drawn the lines and set up camp in an almost warlike approach, making it difficult to wade across the middle battlefield of information without stepping on metaphorical land mines or getting peppered with judgmental opinions, rhetorical quips or social media blasts.

During this session we will explore a case study of a department within a financial institution that is currently experiencing a transformation to Agility using both Scrum and Kanban. By the end of the session I will provide evidence of meaningful actions the department has taken and outcomes they have achieved to help move their team and organization ahead on a path to greater Agility.

Problem Solving in Any Agile Environment

Every corporate environment is different, but they all have one challenge in common: getting things done.

In this video, BERTEIG expert David Vicentin shares his problem-solving techniques that can help everyone, from executives to team members, overcome obstacles and daily challenges.

Kanban vs. Scrum

In this presentation, Mishkin Berteig explores the similarities and differences between Scrum and Kanban, the two most recognized brands of agility. Mishkin has over a decade of experience coaching, consulting and training in both Scrum and Kanban environments. This webinar will summarize the two approaches, clarify some common misconceptions, and provide some in-depth analysis of important similarities and differences between the two. Understanding Scrum and Kanban in relationship to each other will help you and your organization progress towards Real Agility™.

Software Architecture and Agility

In this presentation, Mishkin Berteig distills the essence of his 20+ years of experience with software development, software architecture and Agile methods such as Scrum in mid-size to large enterprises. Topics include architecture and the organization, architecture and Agile engineering practices, and some blunt comments on the role of the architect in organizations trying to attain Real Agility™.


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