Inder Ahluwalia

Inder Ahluwalia Lean Agile Transformation Trainer

With over two decades of experience, Inder has successfully led multiple Agile Transformation initiatives using a customer-centric development process that creates desirable products that are profitable and sustainable over their lifecycle. Inders’ approach to product redesign goes beyond the traditional focus on the features and functions of a proposed product. Instead, it emphasizes understanding the problem to be solved, the context in which the solution will be used, and the evolution of that solution.

As a Business Agility Coach, Inder is part Lean Agile expert, part trainer and part process transformation consultant who brings product delivery, training, and agile thought leadership to your engagements. Paired with his domain expertise of Atlassian Suite, Inder has successfully led process redesign sessions and facilitated clear conversations with business leadership and technology teams to collaboratively drive project scope, expectations, and delivery.

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