Jessica Pellow

Jessica Pellow Agile Transformation Consultant

Jessica Pellow has been overseeing transformation, strategic planning & integration since 2005. Her clarity of vision has allowed her to support executives at all levels of the business, to guide them in finding customer strategies that attract and provide value to core customer segments.

Jessica has assisted organizations of all sizes to make their transformation from traditional enterprise to entities that create unified strategies across several complex groups within the business. For example Jessica has supported a large Canadian corporation to implement business integration across strategic, digital, promo and content marketing, which increased customer sales.

Jessica has helped with long-term strategic & tactical planning, media & digital strategy, social media and performance analytics. She has led a team of 23 digital marketing experts – with multi-million-dollar investments – solve their complex challenges and create an environment which spurred innovation while continuously evolving business.

Jessica has led operational change management initiatives including long term business strategy aligned to growth, financial accountability, operational processes, centralization, team shifts and organizational growth platforms, while gaining executive alignment.

As an Associate Vice President of Events & Creative, Jessica built an executive team that not only dealt with the challenges of corporate spending but implemented a high-performance cross functional group that actively worked to build relationships with vendors to reduce agency spend.

Jessica has also led business strategy for creative and store design, including the transformation of construction, marketing planning & strategic priorities. In her career she has been promoted quickly from coordinator to manager to director to AVP, overseeing several large strategic initiatives.


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