Melanie Berteig

Melanie Berteig Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

“I absolutely love my work and the amazing team of people I work with.”

Melanie oversees and manages the finances of Berteig including invoicing, accounts receivable, payroll, bookkeeping, reporting and investing. She serves our clients by assisting with receipts, refunds, payments and invoicing.  Melanie’s money management skills helped Berteig survive its early years as a small business, created financial stability, and over a decade later continues to help Berteig grow and thrive. As a partner, Melanie enjoys co-creating and guiding the future direction of Berteig and continuously learning more about leadership, culture and high-performance teams.  Melanie has been busy lately overseeing the rebranding of Berteig.

Melanie homeschooled her four children for thirteen years. She’s a trained Montessori teacher, a trained doula and has a university degree in Psychology.  Her ongoing interests include knitting, gardening, and healing through nutrition.

Melanie spent a year in the Marshall Islands creating a youth social development project which served to address gang violence in the country. She then went on to study education at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji while continuing her work with Pacific Island youth communities. Melanie continues to be passionate about supporting vulnerable women and children around the world.

We are a referral centric business. And as such, we stand ready, willing and passionately able to serve anybody important to you by giving them perspective, advice, recommendations, and treating them in a very special way.