Mike Kaufman

Mike Kaufman Systems Coach & Trainer

Specifically trained in group and systems dynamics, I help all parties have their voices heard. I ensure there is ample space for even the most marginalized voice, and help all parties discover and speak from voices they didn’t know they had. From there, I work with the group to identify needs, wants, fears, concerns, and desires that have not been met. I encourage and guide the parties to co-create a way forward. Through co-creation, everyone has a say and everyone has a vested interest in maintaining and supporting the new way forward. The connection is strengthened through this process and the relationship healed.


If you’re still reading, that means you want to know the nitty gritty about me. Here it is: I have over 20 years experience in the corporate world working in the software and IT industry. I have always been the curious type (some would say nosy, in my youth), and I have translated that curiosity into human systems and relationships. This started by diving into and embracing the Agile community, and has extended into professional coaching and mediation.


If you’re interested in credentials, I earned a BSc way back in University, a Six Signa Green Belt in my mid-career, and a bucket load of agile-related certifications such as CSP, ICP-ENT, ICP-CAT, KMP, among others. After receiving the Agile Coaching Certification from ICAgile, I moved into professional coaching. I am proud to be an Organization and Systems Relationship Certified Coach, along with an Accredited Certified Coach from International Coaching Federation. I am (almost) a Qualified Mediator from the ADR Institute of Ontario (pending designation).


But all that mumbo-jumbo aside, suffice to say, I am a lifelong learner. I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience and use it effectively to help you design a solution that is best for you and your situation.

We are a referral centric business. And as such, we stand ready, willing and passionately able to serve anybody important to you by giving them perspective, advice, recommendations, and treating them in a very special way.