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Agile Estimation Maturity

As anyone who has been involved in software development knows, estimation is often more art than science.While there are many different approaches to estimation, they can generally be classified into […]

Complexity is the Enemy of Execution

I recently attended a Tony Robbins Business Mastery course where he shares one of his most famous quotes: “complexity is the enemy of execution”. I always find this quote challenging. […]

Neurodiversity in Scrum Teams: ADHD, Introversion and Autism

What does it mean to have neurodiversity in Scrum Teams and how does that effect the “soft skills” needed? A client said that everyone on a Scrum team needs good […]

Staff Focus and Product Development

There are many benefits to having staff focus on a single product development effort, but there can also be some challenges. By educating managers and staff on the benefits of […]

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